What Would Look Best For You

I hope you're thinking about making a purchase from Mark Oristano Photography.  We've got some great looking photographs for home or office.  Travel shots from Australia, Europe and elsewhere.  Sports photos from baseball and football, and iconic shots of WWII warbirds.

When buying, and considering photo size, first think about where you're going to display it, and how close people will be able to view it from.  If it's only going to be three or four feet away, and 11x13 may often suffice.  But if it's going up on a wall behind a desk, you may well want to move to 16x20 or even larger.

If you're not famliar with canvas prints, they have a fantastic look to them, especially for richly textured color shots.

And if you have questions not answered here, please either email me at mark@oristano.net, or call me at 214-546-3794.